Canada is one of the most attractive destination for immigration as it offers many benefits.

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Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for immigration as it offers many benefits including free healthcare and education, a low crime rate, affordable high standard lifestyle. 

You will require a work permit in order to work in Canada.

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Canada’s immigration programs currently offer two types of work permits:

* Employer-specific work permit

* Open work permit


The employer-specific work permit means that there will be restrictions on the work permit that allows you to work only for that specific employer for a particular duration of time. Usually, an employer-specific work permit can be obtained if you are able to obtain approved LMIA from any employer.

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You may need the following to apply for employer-specific work permit:

- Valid job offer from an employer

- LMIA approval letter 

  • - Education certificates

  • - Work experience letters 

  • - Proof of finances to show that you will be able to support yourself


The Open work permit usually doesn’t specify any restrictions and you will be able to work for any legitimate employer, but it will still have the duration of the time the work permit will be valid.

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You may need to apply for an open work permit:

- Spouse or common-law partner of a work permit holder or international student  

  • - International students who completed studies from designated learning instituted

  • - If you are an applicant under one of the PR programs 

  • - If you are a spouse or common-law partner of someone who has applied for PR 

  • - If you are participating in any special programs as a young worker

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